Heat Pumps
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Eco Heat Pumps

I don’t know what a heat pump is or what is does? Well… by installing one saves upto 50% on fuel bills.

A heat pump heats your home or new build without fossil fuels and for much less running costs than a condensing gas or oil boiler.

No tanks or gas lines are required because heat pumps run on electricity, and they are upto 400% more efficient, compared to 90% efficiency from conventional boilers.

There are many positive reasons to choose this renewable power source; such as compliance with Part L of building regulations, and the value of your home/BER  increases.

How do heat pumps work? They compress a refrigerant gas that generates massive amounts of heat which then powers your heating system.

There are three types of refrigerant gas heat pumps, and depending on where you live or what type of property one has, determines what type you need.

[1] Air source heat pumps uses external air as its energy source which is amplified by a refrigerant gas to generate heat and this type is low cost to install.

[2] Ground source heat pumps uses soil as an energy source but it costs a bit more than air to install, however it has higher energy efficiency.

[3] Water source heat pumps uses a lake, pond or river as its energy source and it costs a similar amount as ground to install but has the highest energy efficiency of the three types.

Next steps… contact us with floor plans so we can provide accurate guide quotes or even better allow us help guide you thru the BER process to stay compliant

Heat Pumps & Solar PV