Thermomax Solar
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Thermomax Solar

What type of solar panels should I choose? There are two types of solar collectors [1] Evacuated tube [2] Flat plate panels.

Thermomax Solar is an ‘evacuated tube patented technology’ that provides the highest renewable energy efficiencies in its class.

They generate little or no heat loss and evacuated tubes have superior benefits over flat solar plate panels but installation costs are slightly higher.

Thermomax tube out performs solar flat panels in cloudy or cooler climates with no heat loss and they are 20%+ more efficient than flat plate panels.

We install high spec Thermomax solar panels as they produce the highest CO2 efficiencies, overheat protection, longest warranty in the world that being 20 years.

Allow Blue Energy to help guide you thru the complicated process if your thinking of getting this system installed, please contact us today.

Save upto 70% on Fuels Bills

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